Famous words from Margaret Moseley.  For 44 years she has created an incredible garden. She designed and planted everything herself and has done all the maintenance, except grass cutting. (“that’s not gardening”) Only recently has she hired some help.


These photos show “nothing”.



         Can you tell pink is her favorite colour?    

Can’t wait for the next visit. I always learn something new from her garden and I have seen it several times a year for the last 19 years!  

I am sorry the photos of her Kwanzan Cherry Tree  that was in full bloom the day I took these photos were so blurred.     



The very first time I saw the Southern Azaleas (Rhododendron indica). They took my breath away.

                                                                                            I planted two of my favorites on the walk to the compost…


While I love their huge blousey flowers, the ‘Show Girls’ of the azalea world, I planted them because they are lovely evergreen shrubs. Two weeks of blooming beauty is not justification enough to merit the space.

The pink one is George L.  Tabor, the white is G.G. Gerbing.


First clematis to bloom in my garden. Clematis ‘Asao’


My friend Lyndy Broder is going to show me how to take cuttings of Clematis. This is a good thing; these babies are expensive and there are hundreds out there I want. (Plant Greed raises its ugly head!) Most of the plants I want LIVE in Lyndy’s garden!!  How fortuitous that she is as generous as she is knowledgeable.

I planted over 65 Clematis in my garden, however, not all have survived or been successful. Sometimes, I am told they take holidays… below,


Clematis ‘ Belle of Woking’ reappearing after a two-year absence.  I thought I lost it.


I wish there was some way to share the fragrances that permeate the garden. Totally heaven!


Fragrant Viburnum



I’m reposting the photos that were cut off, just to see if they come up where I put them. Anyone else out there having issues with WordPress?




. And can you believe the weather? The lettuce is going to bolt! This is the year I was able to deter both deer and rabbits…notice the bed surrounded by chicken wire and covered with a tomato cage! It took years to learn this.



Beautiful & fragrant, Narcissus ‘Thalia’ paired with Snowflake (Leucojum) below.


These are rescued daffs.Late blooming, does anyone know if they are Poeticus Narcissus?


Phlox divericata running through Trillium cuneatum…..                                                            Image

 Everyday brings changes…one can never be bored; particularly when summer comes in March!