Famous words from Margaret Moseley.  For 44 years she has created an incredible garden. She designed and planted everything herself and has done all the maintenance, except grass cutting. (“that’s not gardening”) Only recently has she hired some help.


These photos show “nothing”.



         Can you tell pink is her favorite colour?    

Can’t wait for the next visit. I always learn something new from her garden and I have seen it several times a year for the last 19 years!  

I am sorry the photos of her Kwanzan Cherry Tree  that was in full bloom the day I took these photos were so blurred.     




  1. Either gardeners are saying “there’s nothing out…etc,” or else “everything looks horrible right now” or “you should have been here ‘x’ number of days/weeks ago” – – gardeners are never ever pleased with what’s going on at the moment in their gardens. And that is how it should be with always striving for better or more.
    That’s the the best part of gardening – planning ahead with anticipation.
    A beautiful garden that just bespeaks of someone who loves it muchly.

  2. In my old age, I want to be just like Margaret. When I look out, there’s nothing here since the azaleas and dogwoods are done. That’s the big picture. You have to be out among the sweet shrubs and emerging seedlings to appreciate them.

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