After the table is cleared and Holiday Shopping Season begins, PLEASE shop locally and wherever possible buy AMERICAN.

I plan on doing all my shopping right here in Hogansville Georgia. Although we are a small town by most standards, our shops and restaurants are outstanding.

Fabulous Antique shops …







Great coffee (really good Artisan Roasted)…



Friendly (and beautiful) people…


Great architecture…



The Grand Hotel, above…


 The former Royal Theatre  is now City Hall,  a restored Art Deco building.

Come visit, you will not be disappointed.

Read what another Blogger has to say about us .. Sassy Trash

 And PLEASE put a live Christmas tree  on your list. Keep in mind it will come from an American Tree Farm. The plastic faux decorations are made in China.

Hope your Holiday Season is happy & joyful.




Autumn is definitely the most colourful time of the year in my garden.  Above, fall foliage and camellias.


The dogwoods (Cornus florida) are at their peak with both the foliage and the fruits ablaze.


 I just love the way this tree frames the veranda and gives me a marvelous view of the cardinals who fly in to devour the berries.

Elsewhere, the Oakleaf Hydrangeas (Hydrangea quercifolia) are in phase 3 of their 4 season show. This native is unsurpassed.


Some views from the veranda…




For more autumn beauty see Boy Fenwick’s photos on the blog Reggie Darling.  He has also captured the most incredible sunset. Enjoy!



Zinnias, not what I would expect either.  Saved from being Frost-Kissed last night.


These were planted in the vegetable garden where the soil is good & rich. I have NEVER seen Zinnias do so well. They grew to 4 feet and had at least a dozen flower stalks on each plant.



Finally got the Bothy & work area  organized so I can work there and overwinter some cuttings and tender plants. No, it is not yet finished, we still lack all the windows required.  Unlike Connie of  Heartwood Roses, I have no experience with carpentry so I depend on occasional labor when I can get it. (see Connie’s greenhouse here)


The pots are stored, (they will be moved later when the sink is installed in its place) the potting bench is a good height, and we incorporated a ‘drainage bench’. This should make our spring transplant marathon go smoothly with less backache.


Cuttings will go into the cold frame for the winter. Below


Two comfortable chairs, an extra fridge & some storage….


now for the tea making facilities….. electric kettle at  Target this week for sure!