What a great productive day in the garden. Since I am officially on the injured / reserve list, and it is such a busy time in the garden, I called for professional help; Pierre the French Gardener.

Boxwoods needed to be transplanted from the  center of the Cutting Garden…

to where they will  have more impact  right now.

I will replace them , but right now there is so much repair and replacement to do in this area that these plants won’t be missed.

Got rid of those ugly trellis structures…

and planted the garlic.

I have to say It was a pleasure to have capable hands (other than my own) tending the garden.

This a personal recommendation for which I have received no benefit. Pierre also writes a monthly newsletter at www.thefrenchgardener.net



Due to an injury I have been unable to garden. I finally got to take a walk and snap some photos so here goes.. a bit of this ‘n’ that.

This scene makes me smile every time..the faded flowers on the hydrangea and the Camellia sasanqua ‘Sparkling Burgundy’ perfect partners.

Stewartia  showing some of its famous exfoliating  bark. This was the year  to remove all the lower branches, it will look somewhat awkward for a few years…

Camellia sasanqua ‘Daydream’ I rescued this plant from the trash at a nursery. Margaret Moseley told me it was the only fragrant sasanqua in her garden…If  Margaret was growing it ..I needed to have one too; but it was an old variety and no one carried it. One Autumn day, plant shopping in Alabama, I caught a sweet fragrance and went to investigate…there it was, a broken scraggly mess, lying in the trash heap… the treasure I was seeking!  They gave it to me.

Beautiful colours on the lacecap hydrangea…

 eggplants and peppers still going in the potager…

and the clematis that bloomed all summer & going strong still… Clematis ‘Odoriba’

Life is good.


I wish I were a better writer, because I just don’t know how to  adequately describe the Luncheon I attended at the home of Julieta who writes the sensational blog LINDARAXA.

                                                   The beautiful Julieta

EVERYTHING  was perfect!


 from the Bellini cocktails…

luscious, silken pate, (the likes of which I had not tasted since I left Montreal),

Baked Brie topped  with candied figs & toasted slivered almonds…to die for!

The table was beautifully appointed ….

Loved the  natural  decorations…


the Shrimp Newburg heating….

and presented… with puff pastry shells.

The wine…. liquid velvet!


There was also salad and later Cuban Coffee in elegant Demi Tasse and the fabulous Banana Cake and Banana Icing , but at this point I had abandoned the camera to enjoy the delightful company. Julieta’s warm hospitality and the lively conversation made it a memorable afternoon.

Julieta writes another blog MY KITCHEN BY THE LAKE.Her recipes are fabulous as is she!

STATUS SYMBOL (with photos!)


Last week, on her fabulous blog, TARA DILLARD posted this photo and declared the driveway a status symbol.

All the while I wanted mine a bit more refined, more details ,more manicured, more expensive…

Sometimes it is beneficial to look through the eyes of someone you trust and admire to realize what you already have.

Thank you girlfriend!