Status symbol

Last week Tara Dillard in her wonderful blog posted this photo and declared it a status symbol!!

All the time I wanted mine  a bit more polished, more details more manicured, more expensive…

Sometime it is benificial to look through the eyes of someone  you trust and admire to realize what you already have


7 thoughts on “Status symbol

  1. Sandra!! Bravo! You are so RIGHT!!

    That is my favorite driveway I have ever seen in a book!

    (may I say the name of the boos? (I think it is the same house..and in a new book!)

    What elegant restraint not to put a “paved in any way driveway!!)

    The Great American House; I think is the book by the architect Gil Schaefer!

    it just came out……….I almost locked myself in the closet to read it cover to cover! My favorite in many years!

    Right on, Tara, and Sandra! We are in the same tribe!

    Pox on all those paved and perfect driveways! May those volunteers sprout and bloom through the crannies in walls, paths, and driveways!

  2. ps the first typo is “book” that was some “correction” I will try to “disable”!

    It is the natural things we love!! As Tara calls it; the “poverty circle”! Money does not buy taste. In fact; most of the time it devours it.

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