I love punctuation points. As a designer, I use them to break up large horizontal spaces, or to mark the transition from one garden room to another.

Above, four ‘Degroot’s Spire’ Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s Spire) mark the entrance to the Viburnum/Clematis Court from the Potager & Fruitery.

(Ilex crenata )’Sky Pencil’ announce the entrance to the Cutting Garden and it just followed that the  interior beds be punctuated with the same. (good contrast with the rounded Boxwood that mark the other beds)

Unfortunately, one of the ‘Skypencils’ has died.

To replace it, the brick edging will have to be  removed as well as part of the brick path. These plants are 9 years old with extensive root systems; locating another this size  at a reasonable price is unlikely.

Cause of death ? Unknown. Initially  spider-mites were suspected but then the other three plants would be affected since they are in such close proximity. Any thoughts out there?



  1. Did ants go after the roots?

    Many places I call your ‘punctuation points’ doorways. Love your terminology.

    And shall we speak of boxwoods planted this year. Late freeze, then the 104+ temps?

    XO T

  2. Sandra, I love your punctuation points. I have been having trouble with mites myself. I have lost 11 dwarf english boxwood out in front. pikes think they got stressed and then mites. They recommended eight in one by Bonnie but I have not seen any improvement. What would you do?

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Nice design tips Sandra. Too bad about the Skypencil’s demise. I really like Skypencil but lost most of mine during a severe drought one summer. Hope you’ll be able to find a reasonable replacement.

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