Often, in the garden, I only see all that needs to be done; the plants that need feeding, the pruning that is overdue, the weeds that must be removed before they set seed…..                                                                   P1240353

I have only to look down to experience the joy a garden can bring. These at my feet… (above)


my view ahead…. (above)


Clematis ‘Asoa’ twining through the Viburnum….


Aesculus  Pavia welcoming the first Hummingbirds… The Styrax obassia is starting to bloom (below)


So what if the vegetable garden is overgrown with chick weed.

I have seriously been considering getting some chickens again. They were so delightful. I loved their antics and they kept the weeds down.  Hmm…  Oh yes, I forgot the predators and the heartbreak when one is ‘lost’.