I wish I were a better writer, because I just don’t know how to  adequately describe the Luncheon I attended at the home of Julieta who writes the sensational blog LINDARAXA.

                                                   The beautiful Julieta

EVERYTHING  was perfect!


 from the Bellini cocktails…

luscious, silken pate, (the likes of which I had not tasted since I left Montreal),

Baked Brie topped  with candied figs & toasted slivered almonds…to die for!

The table was beautifully appointed ….

Loved the  natural  decorations…


the Shrimp Newburg heating….

and presented… with puff pastry shells.

The wine…. liquid velvet!


There was also salad and later Cuban Coffee in elegant Demi Tasse and the fabulous Banana Cake and Banana Icing , but at this point I had abandoned the camera to enjoy the delightful company. Julieta’s warm hospitality and the lively conversation made it a memorable afternoon.

Julieta writes another blog MY KITCHEN BY THE LAKE.Her recipes are fabulous as is she!



  1. Oh my heavens! if I had known you were going to publish my picture I would have powdered my nose! I will have to say that I hardly ever have fun at my parties. Too much worrying about things being right and everyone having a good time. But this time…..even I had a blast.

    I have always said that the guests make a party. The food is just the icing on the cake. This group of ladies is the standard by which all future ladies lunches should be measured. You were all a pleasure to entertain.

    Christmas with the Ladies Who Lunch has been looming in my mind since you all left. That’s the real sign of a good party…when the hostess can’t wait to do it all over again!

  2. What a lovely luncheon, and with one of my very favorite friends — the charming and divine Lindaraxa. Those blue eyes are incredible, aren’t they? And her cooking — I will NEVER forget her lasagna, the best (and most unusual) I’ve ever eaten (went back for seconds, too!). What fun you all must have had, and — yes — Reggie very much does approve!!! Thanks, RD

    • Those eyes are incredible! She is such an accomplished hostess, she made it all look effortless. We had a blast.

      I need to ask for that lasagna recipe or better yet I’ll request it for our next visit. Her cooking is worth the drive to North Georgia. So is her generous spirit.

      Thanks for stopping by, your blog is one of my favorites!

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