After the table is cleared and Holiday Shopping Season begins, PLEASE shop locally and wherever possible buy AMERICAN.

I plan on doing all my shopping right here in Hogansville Georgia. Although we are a small town by most standards, our shops and restaurants are outstanding.

Fabulous Antique shops …







Great coffee (really good Artisan Roasted)…



Friendly (and beautiful) people…


Great architecture…



The Grand Hotel, above…


 The former Royal Theatre  is now City Hall,  a restored Art Deco building.

Come visit, you will not be disappointed.

Read what another Blogger has to say about us .. Sassy Trash

 And PLEASE put a live Christmas tree  on your list. Keep in mind it will come from an American Tree Farm. The plastic faux decorations are made in China.

Hope your Holiday Season is happy & joyful.


6 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING

  1. My friends and I have been discussing buying locally. We have so many great local vendors here in Austin…should be a delight and good for our local economy!

  2. Great post, and what a lovely community you live in! I live in a small town in southern Maine and do as much of my shopping locally as I can, and especially love to find treasures made by local artisans. I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. I was reading a post elsewhere about green tips for Thanksgiving. One suggestion was that we shop thrift shops for things like a gravy boat, extra platter, vase that we might need for Thanksgiving dinner — Christmas, too.

  4. We just bought three small Christmas trees from our neighborhood Lowes and have already started decking halls with our favorite antique ornaments and holiday decor.
    xo E + J

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