I recently posted about Clematis Bell of Woking, who reappeared after a two-year absence. I hope a few ‘no shows’ this year will surprise me in the future.

It is so disheartening to plant, feed and coddle a plant only to have it disappear, leaving so sign of life..not even a bit of dried stem!

Good to note here that I do NOT, as a general rule, coddle ornamental plants. I believe any plant worth its space should be able to survive on its own or with minimal attention; given a good start. BUT, with Clematis, it is another matter. For me, they are special. The jewelery in the garden; that one great  statement accessory that brings pizzaz to the basic little black dress (or am I dating myself here?)

 For some its roses or daylillies or Iris …for me its Clematis.

So, back to the Clematis Belle of Woking. Below, the bud…


opening,  a bit like a cabbage….


finally, fully open & stunning.


WELCOME HOME! You have been missed (and about to be replaced!)



8 thoughts on “Clematis

  1. She’s a real beauty. I totally agree about a plant needing to be tough enough to make it on its own. There are zillions of tough beautiful plants out there and we don’t need to waste space on picky ones. Did you get a lot of rain this winter and spring? Could that have revived Belle?

  2. Beautiful, Sandra. I’m so glad she showed back up. I haven’t had that experience. The ones I killed are thoroughly dead, lol. Thanks for your thoughtful and enjoyable posts.

  3. Plants must pay-the-rent in my garden.

    Saw clematis today, new client, that stopped my feet.

    What a spring.

    Even saw clematis at a pizza cafe yesterday in perfect blossom amongst perfect ugliness along highway 78 in Snellville, ga. Pizza great too.

    Hello dear Sandra. Earl, you tomatoe MAN !!

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. I can see why you are so pleased to have your clematis back – she’s lovely. Everything seems to be early up here in Maine this year. It was such a mild winter. Same story most places, from what I’ve seen around blogland.

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