The very first time I saw the Southern Azaleas (Rhododendron indica). They took my breath away.

                                                                                            I planted two of my favorites on the walk to the compost…


While I love their huge blousey flowers, the ‘Show Girls’ of the azalea world, I planted them because they are lovely evergreen shrubs. Two weeks of blooming beauty is not justification enough to merit the space.

The pink one is George L.  Tabor, the white is G.G. Gerbing.


5 thoughts on “SOUTHERN AZALEAS

  1. Mrs. G. G. Gerbing is the purest of whites – I plan to have about five planted in my large pine straw bed on front lawn along with blue hydrangeas and oak leaf hydrangeas to give me some color there and brighten up under the pines and dogwoods.
    If I’m remembering correctly, Geo. Tabor has a slight fragrance – am I right?

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