I’m reposting the photos that were cut off, just to see if they come up where I put them. Anyone else out there having issues with WordPress?




. And can you believe the weather? The lettuce is going to bolt! This is the year I was able to deter both deer and rabbits…notice the bed surrounded by chicken wire and covered with a tomato cage! It took years to learn this.



5 thoughts on “THIS ‘N’ THAT

  1. This weather is crazy, isn’t it? Seems like my daffodils are fading faster than usual because it’s so warm. I love them so.

  2. WordPress is prone to eating a photo or two for me before I can upload my post. Do you upload to WordPress’s Gallery or use a URL from a site like Photobucket?

  3. I’m surprised the deer haven’t figured out how to knock those tomato cages off. That lettuce is too beautiful to resist!

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