Well, I’m back in the garden and dancing as fast as I can .  There is no end to the debris…..


 Screaming to be pruned are the  ‘ Annabelle’ and paniculata type hydrangeas*,  roses, grapes… the list goes on… plus the hellebores need to be deadhead. (who am I kidding? the hellebores will not get done) This list is for the ornamental garden; right  now the preparation of the beds for vegtables is proirity. This week end we turned the beds  in the potager.



My friend Julieta of the incredible blog LINDARAXAS GARDEN is buildng a potager.  She will be posting recipes created with the bounty of her garden; and I can’t wait! If you appreciate good food and  have not yet discovered her blog,  you are in for a treat.

So here is a brief outline on how to prepare your soil.

Idealy beds  should be  4′ wide, so one can reach into them (from each side) without the need to step-in,  as this compacts the soil.  Paths between beds should be 18-24″; wide enough to accomadate a wheelbarrow.


Turning the soil is simply,  a shovel inserted fully into the ground and the soil removed is flipped over. To this  add a good thick (6″) layer of compost, manure & chopped/shredded leaves. (run over a pile of leaves with a lawn mower a few times.) and chop  into this soil, or use a tiller to incorporate. Add another layer of compost etc. and again ‘turn’ this into the soil. This brings  the amendments to where the plant roots will feed.  Water well and let those soil enzymes go to work for a few weeks before planting. NOW  is the time. (the above beds are not yet amended)

 Lacking these amendments; I have had very good luck with  NATURES HELPER and composted cow manure from DIY stores. The best brand is BLACK KOW,it comes in a yellow bag. Avoid the .99 cent variety as it is mostly pine bark and less than 1% manure. If you are fortunate to have a good nursery close by, they should stock soil amendments, buying in bulk is cheaper and it will be delivered.( the bags weigh 20 to 40 lbs.)

                                                                                           In Georgia, lettuce is a cool weather annual, so one grows it in the winter. This year they are maturing very quickly, due to the warm weather, Lots of salad on the menu!






8 thoughts on “BACK IN THE GARDEN

  1. had forgotten about running over leaves w/lawn mower – thanks, Sandra – I’ve several very large bags here that friend Bootsie sent to me and since this very day I’m out raking out beds, etc., am going to pull out the mower, do this and top dress those flower beds of mine with them.
    You are so right – everything is screaming to be done as usual this time of the year…

  2. Oh – forgot to ask – what is your feeling about mushroom compost that is available @ big box stores? Some swear by it others, don’t. Would like to know how you feel about it.
    Thanks again – Carolyn

  3. Be careful with manures.

    Many contain enough round-up from what the cows ate to kill vegetables in YOUR garden.

    Happening to clients.

    Sounds like science fiction & it’s not. XO T

    • It must be the Genetically engineered soy found in animal feed today.These crops are now “ROUND-UP READY’ We are allowing Monsanto to poison us.
      Thanks for sharing that information.

  4. I am sending this to my “gardener” daughter. She works, I direct. She did tell me about the lettuce being hard to grow here in Georgia. I have been harping for months that is all I want. She will be happy to have been proven right. Can’t wait for the parcel. I already have something in mind for the lettuce.

  5. I used to have a bio engeneering client (to be nameless) What actually happens is that the new engineering in our soy, wheat and corn is to make it “glyphosate” safe. Glyfosates are the chemicals used in killing weeds and has been for years. It is supposed to dissapate but science has shown that glyphosate actually regenerates in the animals stomach. Even your milk has traces of it.

    Even some of the organic products we use don’t come without some sort of trace element used in weed prevention.

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