First clematis to bloom in my garden. Clematis ‘Asao’


My friend Lyndy Broder is going to show me how to take cuttings of Clematis. This is a good thing; these babies are expensive and there are hundreds out there I want. (Plant Greed raises its ugly head!) Most of the plants I want LIVE in Lyndy’s garden!!  How fortuitous that she is as generous as she is knowledgeable.

I planted over 65 Clematis in my garden, however, not all have survived or been successful. Sometimes, I am told they take holidays… below,


Clematis ‘ Belle of Woking’ reappearing after a two-year absence.  I thought I lost it.


3 thoughts on “WOW! ASAO!!! or THE FIRST CLEMATIS

  1. Boy I know how that is. I planted some lilys that decided to take 3-5 years to grow. I had forgotten all about them when they finally decided to bloom.

    Your clematis is very pretty. Congratulations on finding a survivor. :o)

  2. I had a few clematis casualties this winter. I think the extreme lack of snow did them in. 😦 Asao is on my list of clematis to get…yours is lovely!

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