There are two choices when creating a path.


Curved paths create mystery, one cannot see the end.

Straight paths, on the other hand, require a focal point to stop the eye.


Above, a reinforced focal point. The tree is the main focal point reinforced by the urn and plinth.

photo taken on recent speaking engagement in Ft. Worth TX.


5 thoughts on “CREATING A PATH

  1. Almost missed this post. Both are good illustrations but I think I like the curved path best – the mystery of what is at the end of that curve always intrigues me. I have a curved path in my garden that goes up the hill in back and once you get to the end of it, you see the upper back garden with flower beds, etc. People always say “I didn’t know all of this was up here”. But the focal point picture is a very good illustration of that concept. Thanks, Sandra.

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