Finally there are signs of spring. The weather has been chilly in Georgia for an unusually long spell and bloom times are off.

Looking out the window, the Snowball Viburnum (Viburnum macrocephalum) is in its beautiful lime green phase and I can see the Yoshino Cherry tree (Prunus subhirtella ‘Yoshino’) blooming in the background.


These tulips ,below, were planted in the cutting garden about 5 years ago and although I cut them with their foliage every year, they still reappear. I must look up my orders and identify them.


Next week promises to be warmer and I expect an explosion of blooms. Meanwhile spring pruning is underway (late of course).


8 thoughts on “SIGNS OF SPRING

  1. Do let us know the tulip variety. I tried for years to do tulips here – Darwin hybrids – but to no avail. Oh, they did good 1st year but it was downhill from then on. Would plant 150-200 in bed at front of my house. They did get attention for sure but blooms lasted only about a week before heat set in and they were gone. I want a Snowball viburnum but no place to put one. Next door neighbor has one and I share the beauty of it over my backyard fence. They really “pop” this time of the year.

    • The tulip is “Carnival de Rio”, a Triumph Tulip, however, I planted 50 of them and only a few return every year (so far).
      In the south we have to treat them as annuals. When I lived up North they would return only for a year or two at most.

  2. Thank you for sharing your snowball viburnums, one of my favorites. Mine are still just bare sticks from what I can see. Maybe I’ll get out my magnifying glass and search for signs of buds. Have a great weekend.

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