Every so often one looks with new eyes at a familiar scene. I can’t say how many times I have visited with my friend Lyndy Broder of Clematis fame; but  this visit was different. 


Perhaps because the deciduous magnolias were putting on a show of shows or perhaps the trees she planted have finally reached a size  in scale with the lake. One thing is  certain; this scene will continue to gain in stature.


THIS is Landscape, at its best!


When her home was built on a pasture there was not a tree in sight. The deal she struck with her husband gave her a free hand to plant. This is the result.


This may very well be the first visit where I was not distracted by the profusion of clematis in bloom!


7 thoughts on “LANDSCAPE AT ITS BEST!

  1. I remember when her garden was on A Gardener’s Diary. I was so impressed with her collection of clematis. What a lovely garden! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. What a treat to see her garden again. I remember a past visit well with a profusion of gorgeous Clematis. What a breathtaking sight!

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