Amish Green Tomato Relish

2 quarts green tomatoes chopped

3 green peppers diced

5 large onions chopped fine

3 TBS salt

Sprinkle  salt over chopped veg. and let sit 4-6 hr. Drain well.

Combine, in a large pot the following..

2 1/2 cups cider vinegar

3 cups sugar

1 tbsp. celery seed

1 tbsp. allspice

2 tbsp. mustard seed

2 tea. dry mustard

1 tea. turmeric

1 tea. ground ginger

Simmer 10- 15 min. Add vegetables and simmer 10 min. more, then bring to the boil.

Pack boiling hot in to hot jars leaving 1/4 ” head space  & process 10 min.




  1. For a great cheeseball measure out 2-3 Tb or more to your taste , drain off liquid and mix this relish with 8 0z soft cream cheese. Serve with assorted crackers. Just had this at a class reunion.

  2. i have lots of green tomatoes left this season. The weather never got hot enough for long enough– so this recipe fits the need. Could you tell me how many pints, or half-pints if that is what you used, this recipe makes ?
    Do you have to let it set for a month to allow the flavor to develop, or can you eat it right away?
    Thanks! I look forward to trying them when they’re ready!!

      • I got 4 and a bit pints ☺. I did go back to check to see if there should be any thinking agent in the recipe as there us a lot of fluid and I did strain very well in cheese cloth. Love the flavours used half white half cider. Will make again though maybe treat as a mustard pickle and add in some flour to the sauce. Yum!

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    • Meg, the canning process requires jars to be sterilized, filled and then placed in boiling water with at least an inch covering the top for a certain time. This is what is meant by ‘process 10 min.’ Hope this was helpful.

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  7. I thought that it was gonna be too sweet and after 2 cups of stevia it was. Increased the vinegar by a 1/2 cup. It was very dry after draining all night so mixed a scant cup of the cast off water back into the mix. Tastes pretty awesome to me.

  8. Second year making these with the huge amount of green tomatoes from our garden. Simply the best relish we’ve ever had the pleasure of making and eating. No change except doubling the recipe and subbing a sweet red pepper for a green for added colour.

  9. I so wish I had seen this recipe a bit sooner. Just used the last of my green tomatoes making green tomato salsa valverde. This sounds like just the ticket to top black eyed peas or pintos in place of chow-chow.

  10. What do you use to process them in hot water? Thank you! My sister-in-law and I love the tomato relish we get at the summer markets but miss it in the winter!!! Can’t wait to make it ourselves!

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