I think I know why this plant was named ‘One Time Charlie’.



 It produces many large clusters of tomatoes… ONCE  and after a few ripen….the rest of the plant dies.


     So what to do with all those  green tomatoes??              

                                                                                                Amish Green Tomato Relish!



5 thoughts on “ONE TIME CHARLIE

  1. Interesting, may be you might tell me the recipe as I have since years problems with phytohtora on my tomatoes. But there are always some that will come through to a very early stage of desease, when they are only green and not brown yet.
    Viele Grüße

  2. Your relish looks wonderful ~ do you follow a recipe? I lsometimes find that the llate ripening tomatoes, they can be so sweet…great for tomato soup.

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