I have mentioned often, how I find the large mophead hydrangeas very effective in the landscape, but when they start to look like this…



They have my heart!


In my mind’s eye I can see my grandmother’s garden, and smell the rich fragrance of old roses.

The last lily  of the season is starting to bloom. More on her later…




I have been short on posts lately but hope to be back posting more regularly soon.  If you are curious, here is my kitchen … 


 I have to ‘DO’ something with all if this!!  Where does gardening end?????

Hopefully my friend Julieta of LINDARAXA can help.  Her recipes are divine!! 

Happy gardening!!



  1. I always think it’s a good thing when gardening season begins to fade away and we can take a rest from weeding, cutting, canning, etc.
    A large veggie garden can be an amazing amount of food that you just can’t throw away.
    Sometimes it sort of ranks up there with “biting off more than one can chew”.
    Stay the course, Sandra
    Carolyn K. D.

  2. I am just the opposite! We have such a short gardening season here in Edmonton that I never want to see it end. It seems like it is over before it has barely begun. You have a wonderful bounty! Enjoy!

    Love the hydrangeas too!

  3. Amazing what you are doing with your shoulder healing girlie.

    Please tell the story sometime of ‘your man’ and the old bricks you get from him.

    Garden & BE WELL SOON !! XO T

  4. Have us over for dinner, thats what you do with it LOL. Those beans and tomatos look amazing -my mouth is watering. The photo at the very top is amazing -that lavendar and gray!

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