The meadow is once more looksing like an impressionist painting. Swaths of blue native phlox (Phlox divericata) make their way between the daffodil foliage and the ‘Wake Robin’  ( Trillium cuneatum) .




The trees are now playing an important role, so the focus changes.



This is The Meadow viewed from the driveway on west side of the house looking east. (Above) 


Soon the weeds & wild grasses will cover this all and it will look wild & wonderful. Then the hum of beneficial insects, bees and butterflies will fill the air. After the plants set their seed it will get the annual cut. This meadow gives me 12 months of joy!!

© all photos 2011

Note: WordPress noted that I published a draft & not the updated version of this post AFTER it was posted…why not BEFORE???


2 thoughts on “THE MEADOW…YET AGAIN

  1. Sandra, I’ve been reading a lot about meadows lately and everything I read says a meadow needs to be cut at least once per year. I know this will prevent the meadow from reverting to forest but are there any other reasons why a meadow should be cut?

  2. Marguerite, I don’t know if there is any other reason than the one you stated. I wait till all the flowers have set their seeds so they can be dispersed and hopefully spread.

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