Have a  garden with presence in the winter.

Use evergreen groundcovers and some large evergreens for height.


Here, Vinca and Helleborus mingle at the feet of deciduous hydrangeas. Can you imagine this space without them?

Yes, I just viewed Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has To Travel. can you tell?


6 thoughts on “WHY DON’T YOU…

  1. If someone can’t look at this picture and see the beauty of it, then I feel so sorry for them. Winter has its own beauty with bare limbs, leaves on the ground, green plantings that turn up to show themselves off. Lovely post,

  2. Winter is earier to bear where there are evergreen perennials. I’m going out and double the number of Iberis cuttings I put to root yesterday. Thank you for showing me.

  3. I just planted helleborus with hydrangea after being inspired by this image. I needed more evergreen in a small foundation planting for a townhome garden. Hoping it looks as good in winter.

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