I can barely contain my excitement. I was sent another gift;  a signed, coffee table book.  A garden I designed and built is included in it!



MADISON: A Classic Southern Town,  is a bicentennial celebration of  Madison Georgia,  “the town Sherman refused to burn.”



Written by William R. Mitchell Jr.and photography by Van Jones Martin and James R. Lockhart, it is an exquisite house and garden tour through what is considered one of the most beautiful antebellum towns in Georgia.

Some of the gardens I have designed over the years, received recognition. This is the first time one was ever been published in a hard covered book.

Thank you M & W You know who you are!

This garden clearly illustrates my design philosophy; the seamless unity of house and garden.


20 thoughts on “I’M BOOKED!!

  1. This is wonderful! I’ve had my prattle about bulbs quoted in a book but never photos of anything I’ve done. I am truly impressed with the way the photographer captured it from inside and the opposite view. Let’s hope for more soon.

  2. And the Almighty created women and men to process vines of the fruit and garden masterpieces.

    Sandra Jonas continues to build wonderments of remarkable gardenscapes .The artistic endeavor is evermore. The magical creativity and harmony continues to impact landscapes with a discerning eye for balance and enchantment in all facets by Sandra Jonas.

  3. How absolutely fantastic…is this the garden where you took me one day..no one was homeland it was acres..I remember the house and you told me your plans..the owner was not home and I believe there was some land devoted to vegetables. Love, your proud sister, xoxo barb

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