While in Montreal recently, I visited a small park in a neighborhood of  6 story buildings.

Once in the park one could not see a single building, or hear a vehicle.

An oasis in a city setting.

Carefully planned, berms* were created and artfully arranged in semi circles.

These are planted with both deciduous and  evergreen trees creating several  large spaces and providing privacy in each; both visually and acoustically.

The children’s Water Park  is delightful. I had to resist the temptation to run through it.

I was also super impressed at how clean it is, no trash anywhere…..I have been away too long.

*Berm- A  low rolling artificial hill, a direct descendant of the medieval ‘Mount’. Very effective at blocking sound.

And, used in winter for tobogganing!



3 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM A PARK

  1. I had wondered where you were….wonderful park and loved the water park for children – and also the fact the park was so clean/no trash, etc.

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