My friend Ginny has a wonderfully charming Garden House.


She is getting everything organized, pegboard for hanging garden tools,

shelving to hold baskets of vases organized by size; there is an area for Christmas & Easter decoration storage and a counter for potting & flower arranging, upon which Ginny is creating a ceramic mosaic of the 4 seasons.


What I love most about it however, are the scenes she had her friends paint on the walls.



                                                                                                         Ginny paints too, her wall below…

                                                                                                  Can’t wait to make my small contribution .

A note to my readers: the blog GARDEN PHOTO OF THE DAY written by Martha Tate will reappear shortly. Her domain name was accidentally dropped and taken by another blogger. I will post her new link as soon as it is available.



  1. Precious! I love a look into garden houses, greenhouses, any structure. I need to get all my spaces tidied up. This is a great inspiration.

    Bummer re Martha Tate. A good site name is always grabbed, sometimes by a not-so-nice entity. I look forward to her return.

  2. I don’t know how WordPress handles these things, but I deleted a blog off Blogspot once and it was picked up by a less than stellar blogger. I demanded my old site back, citing that they were putting porn under my title, and got it. This ‘new’ site looks innocent enough but I’d try, anyhow.

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