There is nothing like a garden tour for some inspiration and the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s  “Gardens for connoisseurs  Tour” is one of the best.

The gardens, all private, ranged from highly manicured to woodland all in the heart of the city.

Here are some photos I took…..

I  liked the way formal elements were incorporated in to this woodland paradise….

as well as a formidable Bonsai collection.

Also,  the groundplane changed to mark the transition from one garden room to another…..

Then there is the patio area around the house….

And opposite the French Doors……

I could go on and on about this garden, it is 2.75 acres with two creeks and boasts 300 different cultivars of Japanese Maples. I did not want to leave.

In stark contrast, the next garden was about as formal as Versailles! Well actually, Vaux le Vicomte , the predecessor to the gardens at Versailles.

The above garden in search of Edward Sissorshands and an assistant!

The tour will continue. I took over 250 photos!



  1. Dear Sondra, thank you for sharing this tour, from what I can see so far, it looks very worthwhile….I particularly enjoyed the woodland garden, as is mine….so it’s great to see how others interpret shade and the woods…..Beautiful. N.xo

  2. oh I wished I had known…would have met you there! Let me know when something else like this comes along, I am completely out of the loop when it comes to gardening but hope that will change soon.

  3. Well…I will definitively have to come back later or not get any work done! I love that stream…and have such a thing for conical boxwood! Merci! Trish

  4. I so wanted to see this tour that weekend but, alas, could not get to Atlanta. My late husband & I took it in for years and it was always so beautiful. Wish digital cameras had been around then! Looking forward to seeing more pics, Sandra – thank you!

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