Spent a glorious week in Boston with my grandchildren and much to my delight, the older boy is interested in gardening! We visited nurseries where, like a true dirt-bunny, he wanted everything he saw.

Together we planted a David Austin rose ‘Teasing Georgia’, and started seeds. He choose very colourful Zinnias & some basil for his mom.  I hope he does not over-water in his enthusiasm.

It is so satisfying to encourage a young person to discover the joys of the garden.

From my own experience, I remember the very first time I saw my grandmother pull a radish from the soil, I was shocked that it was not in a bunch!!





  1. If he does start to over-water and such he has grandma to help guide him. That is another reason for grandmamas! Great projects for the children. 🙂

  2. My grandmother’s (old) garden remains one of my main inspiration, and I’ve learnt loads from her (both directly and indirectly through my mother). Grandmothers are good to have; even though mine is now nearly 90 and doesn’t do much garden work herself any more. (She’s paying a young whipper-snapper of a septuagenarian to mow her lawn and weed her flowerbeds for her.)

    Anyway, thanks for reminding me that it’s really been too long since I called my grandmother. I’ll go do that now!

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