I am tickled that the rambling rose Etain  is blooming for the very first time,


I have envisioned it climbing  20 feet up the Oak tree.


On the other side I have planted ‘Rambling Rector’, another rose that could, under good cultivation reach to 30 feet. So I have hopes for this area to have real impact … time.


The Oakleaf Hydrangeas have formed their flower buds and are just starting to open, beyond them are the fig trees.

What I have long called the Viburnum Court should be refered to as the clematis court, since there are far more Clematis than Viburnum now.


Shame on me… those majestic shrubs are reduced to being supports for my Clem addiction!


Whenever I pass the Schiaparelli bench I congratulate myself on choosing the paint colour.

Here is a good example of either buying a plant while it’s in bloom or ordering from a reliable source.


The Clematis was supposed to be white…. oops,  sorry, love it just the same , in fact this is a happy accident.


A quick peek at Clematis Josephine … So feminine!


And Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’ above.

I am just now getting around to pruning the dead flowers off the Hydrangea macrophylla.  If one waits long enough there can be no mistakes, the new buds are obvious.

Earlier on I would have pruned more for shape than flowers; but now that I have the choice, I left some of the awkward branches for cutting.

When the Clematis are done… we will move on to rapsodising  over the Hydrangeas!


15 thoughts on “GARDEN TOUR 2

  1. I love your Clematis! I just bought 3 and need to get them into the ground. I hope they do as well as yours! Your garden is gorgeous.

  2. Oh my dear Sandra. Stunning.

    I”m speachless.

    And the rains, what they must have done for the garden.

    Clematis in your shrub borders………..

    Rambling of your roses.

    Billowing of the flowering shrubs.

    Then the figs.

    Oh my dear Sandra. Stunnnnnnnning.

    Garden & Be Well, T

  3. Just beautiful Sandra! I love your pink bench. Elsa would approve! Is that the Viburnum ‘Opulus’ I gave you years ago that was just a short little stick at the time!!!??? My how time flies! Enjoy all your hard work! Gloria

  4. Everything this year is blooming so early! My hydrangeas are about to burst out with blooms and also the oak leafs – – what will we have for blooms in mid May? Love your clematis!

  5. The Schiaparelli bench is indeed stunning. It is one of those things I would not have thought of myself, but ended up adoring. Do you remember the paint colour and brand? I think I might be inspired. My viburnum is beginning to look like yours now. I love them.

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