If you don’t like the weather “Wait a minute”  I was told when I first moved to Georgia; so it’s no big surprise that while last week was cold & rainy and even frosty some mornings, this week we are in the high 60’s.


I have no idea when the  Fragrant Wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox) started to bloom but here it is Dec 3rd.


Wonderfully fragrant, not overly sweet but a clean rather fresh scent, usually starting in mid to late November in my garden.(I usually look for it around Thanksgiving)


 Not the best looking shrub in the border, rather a bit course and ragged  so I camouflage it  with a clematis during the summer.

Winter blooming shrubs or perennials are worth their weight in gold…even at today’s  prices.


6 thoughts on “WAIT A MINUTE

  1. I love these mild temps, but I do think it’s a mite confusing for some of our plants. One week of winter & now it’s spring!?

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