Some great plants for both the landscape and holiday decorations.


Hollies… you cannot beat them for their beauty this time of year. Above, Ilex x ‘Emily Bruner’  with berries that encircle the stem…


The Buford Holly (Ilex cornuta ‘Burfordii’)  exhibits a heavy fruit set in clusters, except when a late frost kills the blossoms.


 Heavenly Bamboo  (Nandina domestica);  I refer here to the species and not some of the newly engineered dwarfs. Gorgeous grape like clusters of berries that last a very, very long time. (Note, this is NOT a bamboo)


The Viburnum berries that were wonderful & fresh for Thanksgiving are looking a bit tired but still ornamental…


The yellow berries of Viburnum ‘ Michael Dodge’ almost ready for the birds. When they are ‘ready’ they will be devoured in a day.

Happy decorating!  And thank you WORDPRESS for the snow.


3 thoughts on “BERRIES!!

  1. I always enjoy your posts! The yellow berries of the viburnum are unusual. I’m glad you didn’t overlook the nandina, though, because they do add a lot of color to indoor decorations. Happy decorating to you too!

  2. Lots of wonderful berries. I am working on increasing the amount of berries in my garden. I have a Nandina domestica but so far no berries

  3. I have a small tree that’s loaded with orange-red berries that look similar to your Buford’s berries, but the leaves are not the same. I’ll have to send you a photo 🙂 And I am overrun with the “heavenly” Nandina (a garden pest as far as I’m concerned) — once they start getting berries, there’s no stopping them!

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