It has been  raining, or just plain cold and not pleasant  to be working outside right now, so I’m just taking it easy.


That means cuddling with the kitties in front of a fire….


 Meet Dahlia, above, she is shy and this is her first appearance on the blog.


Her pillow, a gift from Margaret Moseley, who, like me, has too much garden and too many cats! (Can one ever have enough of either?)


 Catching up on reading & researching camellias.


There is always room for one more.

Just have some baking to do…. don’t hate me… this is the first time ever I’m ALMOST prepared!!



12 thoughts on “TAKING IT EASY

  1. Love The English Garden magazine!!
    Enjoy your quiet time because you know who will be here in about 24 days!
    (I am so unready!!)
    :Love – CKD

  2. It’s posts like this that make me long for a kitty of my own, but alas, there are allergies in the family so it is not to be. It also makes me long for a garden of my own, and perhaps that will happen soon. Meanwhile, I can still cozy up with some garden magazines and books and dream!

  3. First of all! I am so delighted to find your blog!

    LIVE! 2nd; all one has to do if one is allergic to cats……..bathe them (or hire someone to) once a month!

    What people are allergic to is not(dander) not (fur) NO!! Scientific breakthrough! It is something that they make in their saliva!

    They do not manufacture that ingredient in their saliva if they are bathed once a month!

    I hope this provides homes for wonderful kitties everywhere! It is the God’s truth! Google it if you don’t believe me!!

    I have a dozen clients who thought they couldn’t have cats……and with this piece of information………I took them to the shelter…..and they all have cats…..allergy free!!!!

    • First, let me say I’m delighted to connect with you, and second, this information should be posted everywhere. So many people think they are allergic to cats…they are missing so much!! Thanks for sharing this valuable info, Yes, I did Google it.

  4. Gardens Illustrated is my favourite. And, one of those with a hot cup of tea curled up in an easy chair is one of my favourite ways to spend a cold afternoon. If you cannot work in the garden, you can at least visit one chairside.

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