Earlier this summer, as I  sat in the Circle of Friends, I realized that after the first major flush of bloom my ‘interesting hydrangeas’ really had no impact at all. What was needed was more of the strong blue mopheads.



So cuttings it was, since that particular hydrangea is an unknown variety and I have no idea how to locate more.


Good plan? Yes, untill I saw them today; this is what they look like now.  



Yet, on the other side …


the less spectacular blue mopheads dry beautifully.



What a terrific problem to have!


One thought on “CIRCLE OF FRIENDS

  1. How I do love hydrangeas. The beautiful blooms early summer, then they will become the most softest of green as they dry. I have right now on my coffee table an arrangement of green/dried hydrangeas, long fern fronds, tall stems of variegated Solomon’s Seal – – a wonderfully cool vision to look at after coming in from the garden on a hot summer day.

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