“But whatever the people may see, they cannot help seeing the lilies. They are all over the house, like groups of dancers, poised and waiting; those that stand near mirrors seem to take on a silver sheen,and those that catch the glow of the candles are lit with gold; in the full light they sparkle like sunlit snow, in the shadows they are luminous…and always, upstairs, downstairs, in every nook and cranny, there is fragrance.” – Beverly Nichols


Above, Rosemary examines the bouquet. This lily is the last to bloom and marks the season’s end.


Oh the luxury of working with so many stems! MORE is definitely MORE!!

Lilium formosanum all grown from seed. By me.


4 thoughts on “LILY LUST!!! or LE GRANDE SPECTACLE!!

  1. The last, as lovely as the first! This is one tough lily. I’ve seen them growing at the edges of yards here where seed pods must have found their way in the trash. Your bouquets are stunning.

  2. oh my!! how stunning your lilies are! I planted lilies for the first time this year and waiting for the St Josephs to flower. (some of the Asiatics have just started). I hope mine are as gorgeous as yours!

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