Recently, Little Augury posted about Lilies. The Regale lilies in her garden,  John Singer Sargent’s  Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose, and Beverly Nichols’ love of Lilies.    All  favorites of mine.

 Below,  an interpretation with what I have in my garden now.  Alas, no rose, no carnation, no children playing …. but Hydrangeas & Lilies in profusion.                                                             

 Lilium ‘Touching’  above, supported by Oak leaf Hydrangea     (Hydrangea quercifolia). Below, solo, three stems in Tulip shaped vase .                                                              

This Lily  is best  in the vase. The flower head is so heavy it breaks the stem.



A wonderful addition to the Cutting Garden.

MEANWHILE, in the Potager,  Blueberries are coming in and Figs promise  a bumper crop soon. The figs are ‘Brown Turkey’ & ‘Celeste’. Tune into LINDARAXA where my friend Julieta, will devise some recipes for all that comes in from the Potager.

© All photos 2011


4 thoughts on “HYDRANGEA, LILY, LILY……

  1. I am clipping daily from some of my bowing lilies. They are overwhelmed with flower heads. Thank you so much for alluding to my posts. I love the mix of the hydrangeas, nothing better than bringing them inside for our enjoyment. pgt

  2. I wish I weren’t so allergic to lilies! They are so beautiful but I can only have them inside if I clip the orange stuff off the pistil. I hadn’t thought of combining them with hydrangeas. Ours here are very very blue. I did a post on them about a couple of weeks ago. Guess it has to do with the soil.

  3. I look forward to fig recipes. We cooked fig preserves yesterday, which we freeze rather than can. I like ripe figs off the tree, but I would like to try something new

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