The garden is overwhelming!


Above, the rose New Dawn positively dripping…….


 Below,Brother Stefan’s   Clematis‘PolishSpirit’                                                                            

Below,Clematis‘Madame  Julia Correvon’                                                                                   

Tomatoes, eggplants & pepper plants waiting to be planted…they are constantly fed Fish emulsion & kept watered..those are small pots &  growing roots take lots of moisture.


Seed for Zinnias and Foxgloves are sown ( late on the Zinnias) below


Then there are the onions to harvest….


So, on the way to do attend to all of the above, I pass …

Glorious Deutzia above, Clematis Ruutel and C. Piilu below


Below, another pairing, Clematis ‘Carnaby’ and Clematis ‘Odoriba’


I really like the two different forms of Clematis mingling, as they climb through Smoke bush ‘Royal Velvet’…. Below, Clematis ‘Catherine Clanwilliam’.


 All in all, its very pleasant “GETTING THERE’ I designed it that way.


4 thoughts on “OVERWHELMED!

  1. ah! – – loved the clematis, etc. but then again when I clicked on the greenhouse picture and then enlarged it, I said to myself – – “ah-ha! – – now here is a true working greenhouse inhabited by a dedicated gardener!” – all looked quite serious and everything possible used to hold young plants, etc.
    The hallmark of a backyard digger for sure!

  2. It all looks so beautiful. I can imagine what your garden looks like. Your photos are very inspiring, I feel like putting on my boots and going outside! See ya! love and petals Julie

  3. I love that – ‘overwhelmed’! I felt the same way when everything started blooming at once after such a cold winter. Enjoy your spring!

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