No cameras in the gardens! The only photography allowed  was from the public sidewalk. Still there are many lessons to be learned.


All the gardens are small, tiny in fact, some no larger than a postage stamp.


In small gardens, design  is more important than it is in  larger landscapes; for here, there is a concentrated use of space. Also, because the space is limited and seen all at once, the details & planting must be faultless.


Consider the ground plane, it is significant in all seasons. Below, variety in materials & texture. This is a driveway.


 With a little imagination —- garden by day, parking at night.


 There should always be a focal point to lead the eye.



Reinforce the design of beds with edging.


Keep the planting simple,


       And finally.. co-ordinate…




  1. Adore ALL of your pics.

    The smaller the garden the more difficult to design. Not one thing can be ‘off’.

    5 acre woodland, a breeze. Courtyard, must ponder.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Goodness what wonderful gardens – you have to be a garden lover tolive there or you would upset the neighbours

  3. Just gorgeous. I love the formal design and use of boxwood in the first two designs. The graphic element is outstanding. The driveway with mondo grass is wonderful.

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