Goodness , I have no idea where the time goes. It is already Friday Saturday! This week there was so much to do in the garden. The pruning of ‘Annabelle’ hydrangeas & Hydrangea paniculata, along with some Clematis… Still not done with all the ‘Annabelles.’ Every year I have the same lament. When I am pruning I have too many….when they bloom there are not enough!!


Much weeding in the potager where I am growing salad ….delicious! A few stragglers from last years tulips popping up between the lettuce… and much weeding ….



 Spring is going forward at breakneck speed, it seems. Viburnum burkwoodii in bloom. If I could share the fragrance, you would know why it is so cherished among gardeners.


It does get  large, with a beautiful vase shape. There are several Clematis planted at its feet. Reminders of a lovely day, shared with dear friends, in a beautiful garden.


The new kitty is at the vets with serious upper respiratory infection…….

© All photos 2011



  1. Sandra your garden is looking absolutely wonderful. I’m envious of all that lovely lettuce. It’ll be months before I see anything close to that. Sorry to hear about kitty, when we adopted our Gino he had the same illness. It took some time but they do recover.

  2. Sandra – in our part of the world – Georgia – which you share, I’ve often felt Spring only lasts some 3 -4 weeks – – then – BANG – it’s summer and then we have to contend with the heat/humidity, etc.
    My rule of thumb – best get it all done no later than May 1st or else it’ll have to wait until next year.
    Give Kitty a pat and best wishes for speedy recovery.
    Carolyn KD

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