All of the Helleborus in my garden are seedlings.  Each one has different colouration …. all stunning, all with freckles.


Only one named variety from the Heronswood ‘Party Dress’ Strain. It is a double, and  not open yet.


Perhaps because there are so few blooms at this time of year they are all the more appreciated.


5 thoughts on “FRECKLE FACE!

  1. Aren’t they great?! Not sure why they took so long to catch on in the Deep South where we love winter flowering plants. I think people thought they were heat intolerant.

  2. Sandra, how nice it is to see flowers in bloom this time of year. Helleborus are lovely little plants but, if planted here, we’d probably miss out on the blooms with all the snow and cold we have. (unless they’s bloom later for us?). Have a superb weekend and enjoy your warm weather. (Maybe not warm to you but gorgeous to us here in Edmonton!) 🙂

  3. Sandra, your hellebores are so lovely. and how nice that you’ve managed to get seedlings. I really really like your freckled flower, the first I’ve seen like that. I think hellebores would be fabulous any time of year but it’s true that they are extra special being such early risers to the party.

  4. I have lots of seedlings in my garden but they havent yet got big enough to flower – I cant wait to see what the flowers will be like

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