On a tour of the garden today, signs of spring …


The Meadow is coming alive..


Soon I’ll  post the results of 13 years of rescuing daffs and trying to achieve the ‘English Thing’.


Meanwhile the Winter garden is doing what it is supposed to and is at  its peak….The “peak” lasts a few months…  Above, Prunus mume & Helleborus, below, a camellia…



Below,  evergreen shrubs make this is a very satisfactory garden area. 



Notice, below, the variegated Boxwood, the berries on the Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica ‘Alba’) and the groundcover  Sweet Flag  (Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ )…


 This is usually the time of year projects get started &/ or continued to be worked on, some, for many seasons. There are so many projects…..

When we started this  garden, we did not consider, EVER, declining  physical stamina.

© All photos & text 2011


One thought on “MEANWHILE, IN THE GARDEN..

  1. Oh, dear! !!! Tell me about “declining physical stamina”!!
    I can recite that one thing to you backwards now here in my mid 70s.
    I think when we start serious gardening, we believe we’ll forever be able to spend hour after hour, day after day from dawn’s early light to twilight in our garden – which I literally used to do. Get out at about 7 a.m., stop around 6 p.m. I’d actually take a cooler of water, lunch in a bag, etc. – never come back into my house.
    But now?? – If I even attempt a full day, then I’m literally “wiped” out for the next 2 – 3 days.
    It’s so frustrating to have to give in.
    I do so much miss my stamina from my younger years.
    Some landscape expert needs to start concentrating on “converting high maintenance garden” to “easy care gardens” for us seniors. There a vast market for such out there in the gardening world!

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