Arum italicum ‘Pictum’ is, in my mind, essential in any garden where it is hardy.  This perennial sends out its foliage in the late fall and remains green all winter.


The handsome leaves resemble arrowheads with strong creamy veining. They make a sensational groundcover. Since one NEVER cuts the leaves off daffodils (Narcissus),  the Arum makes a  good companion for them in a vase.


In spring  a creamy spathe appears. The flower & foliage disappear in the summer, followed by a column of orange/red berries.

If one gardens in zones 6-9 they are indispensable in the winter shade garden.

© All photos  & text 2011



  1. Because you are essential to me, and I trust EVERYTHING you say, and I don’t have this plant; it’s now on my list to plant !! Thank you.

    Susanne & I are coming to see your daffodils, when will they be ready?

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Will Arum italicum grow in red clay with full sun? I have plenty of that! I need more shade so I can plant more. Maybe when spring is here you can come over and instruct me on some small inexpensive things to do.:)

  3. Dear Sandra, Ah yes, the ‘Lords and Ladies’!! I should not wish to be without this splendid, unfussy and endlessly accommodating perennial. And, as yoyu say, its foliage makes a perfect partner to so many spring flowers.

    A rather belated but warmly sent Happy New Year!!

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