If you have been following this blog you know I have a passion for clematis. (see categories)

                    Clematis ‘Madame Edouard Andre’I was hoping some of my plants would re-bloom this autumn but such is not the case.  However, my friend Lyndy Broder has many and she was kind enough to send me some photos. BTW she grows well over 300 of them in her Georgia garden. (I’ll post her garden this coming is a real treat.) Meanwhile, these are blooming  in her garden NOW, in NOVEMBER!!!! (I love gardening in the south!)


Clematis ‘Reimans’, an Estonian hybrid, above, C. ‘Angelique’ below



Clematis ‘Solina’ blends beautifully with these asters…


Above, Clematis cirrhosa ‘Lansdowne Gem’  has nodding bell-shaped flowers and  evergreen foliage.

Whenever there is a question on Clematis I call Lyndy. She is on speed dial during pruning season,  putting down her secateurs to share her vast knowledge. And I do mean vast. She is on the Board of Directors of the International Clematis Society and contributes regularly to their website. Recently she wrote the section on Clematis for Allan Armitage’s book on Vines & climbers.

 To her credit, all this knowledge was aquired within the last 15 years when she developed an interest in Horticulture, AFTER she retired from a 9-5 !

                                        Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’

All the above photos were taken by her brilliantly talented daughter MIA BRODER.



  1. Wonderful pics of Lyndy’s garden – – she is a gardener par excellance!
    Clematis are a new find for me and I hope to put more in the garden this year, too…

  2. I looked through your photos and thought ‘if I had to pick just one, which do I like best?’. But I couldn’t. I love the bright pink of one and the frilly petals of another, the star-like patterns. I suppose that’s one of the wonderful benefits of clematis, there’s just so many to choose from so you’re bound to find one you like that fits your situation.

  3. hi sandra,

    omgoodness! these images are so beautiful. i have no clematis growing here. that is some sort of sin i’m sure. i would love to see your garden in person.


    ps ~ i promise a chili recipe soon! i have a good one.

  4. Dear Sandra, I too love Clematis. They are such versatile and elegant flowers and are so useful to use in combination with other plants and shrubs which may flower in a different season. The ones you show here from Lyndy’s garden are really beautiful. My favourite is C. cirrhosa since I have never seen such a dark flowered form before.

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