7 thoughts on “MY DREAM ARBOR

  1. Dear Sandra, Whilst I do agree that this pergola is elegant, I always think that such structures only really succeed when they connect to something – the house, a conservatory, etc. – at either end. Without such a link they appear, to my mind, to somewhat float; that I find a little distracting in a garden.

    I do hope that you have enjoyed a labour free Labour Day.

    • Edith, while these structures are lovely connected to a house or conservatory, I also like them as THE structure. If they are properly placed, and anchored with plants, it should not appear to ‘float’.

      For example as an entrance to a garden room set into a hedge. I have such a place at the entrance to the potager on one side; and the fruitery on the other. In our Georgia climate it would be a very welcome shaded walkway.

      Edith, I laboured all Labour Day!

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