Pointing to the car port at our first meeting, Ms. H. said…                                                        

“We will get rid of that eyesore.”  (below)


 After surveying the property, I saw that this side door (very close to the kitchen) was the only access to the garden. There was no back door.

“Wait” I said “I think we can use this”

                                                                     So I designed an outdoor space for dining, with privacy from the street and  access to the garden.


 A brick semi circular patio completes the space.

Even Mr. H loved it.

© All photos & text 2010


7 thoughts on “DESIGN SOLUTIONS

  1. Dear Sandra, One of my great interests is in fact garden design. Possibly I care more for the overall design than I do for individual plants.

    I am greatly impressed with what you have done here. The design is relatively simple yet highly effective in providing shade, filtered sunlight, shelter from wind and rain, and is, at the same time, most stylish. The detail of the brick flooring is lovely.

    Totally inspirational – and all from a very unsightly carport!

  2. hi sondra,

    we have a carport too. it’s not quite as unsightly as that one was. it’s situated between the rose garden and the yoga room so it has nice views. one day, if one of my younger sons would ever get married then i’d like to put up white, gauzy type curtains that would blow in the wind and a candlelit chandelier in the center and make it an outdoor pavillion for the day. wouldn’t that be nice.

    i love what you did here b/c you made it so private yet airy.

    you are good.


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