Never one to work on just one project, I am now looking into another area of the garden I may not have discussed before; that would be the Mourning Bench.


  Located  down the walk from the Circle of friends,  just past the intersecting path that leads to the Potager and compost, sits the Mourning Bench. Flanked by two variegated Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘variegata’), it is recessed into the border and one can pass it without noticing.


I spent a lot of time here, both having morning coffee and finding shelter from the sun when working in the Potager. Opposite the bench were planted perennials, a tapestry.  Quite lovely for several years, then…


 the Vinca appeared.  Above, it is pushing the Golden Club Moss (Selaginella krausiana ‘Aurea’) into the path. Earlier in the season I thought I would let the Vinca take over….but It looks terrible!



So, while I recruit an extra pair of hands to help with the landscape fabric, then locate the right colour pea gravel for the Circle of Friends… this is what I will be working on.

© All photos & text 2010


15 thoughts on “WHAT WAS I THINKING?

  1. Do you like moss? I once saw an article in Fine Gardening magazine about a moss covered shade garden. I thought it looked cool, but some view moss in a negative way.

    My other hobby is woodworking and I am contemplating doing an outside bench. I like the design of yours, especially the circles.

    • Jeff, I would love the walking surfaces to be moss but it gets too weedy and requires maintenance I am not prepared to do. So pea gravel it will be. I too love that bench. I bought two.

  2. Sandra,

    I like variegated box as an accent/specimen plant, but have always kept it in the sun thinking I had to do so for the plant to hold it’s variegation. How long have yours been in shade (they seem to have been there quite a while from the photographs)? They look great and certainly lighten an area where the use of green box would have just been lost to the eye.


  3. I like the look of moss but it never seems to grow where we want it and the same with Vinca. It wasy to let things get on with it but in my experience eventually intervention is needed!

  4. Dear Sandra, You are right, I believe, to have out the Vinca. There are,when it comes to it, so many more very attractive plants fulfilling the same purpose. What is more, from time to time it is a good idea to look critically at areas of the garden and make changes as necessary.

    As you well appreciate, I know, gardens are living things and we, as the gardeners, are constantly seeking to improve and perfect. The introduction of new plants, new ideas, new conditions, even new fashions, will dictate how we view our gardens and what we wish them to be. So, carry on!!

    I love your cat!

  5. Sandra, lucky you to have a choice for the colour of your pea gravel. My garden is in such a small town, and actually quite isolated, both local supplier sell the same gravel, so no colour choice for me.

    • Deborah, I may not have a choice either. I live in a tiny town so the cost will be in the hauling, unless I find something nearby. In time the stone does age, I guess it gets dirty.

  6. Our gardens do tend to be willful with minds of their own. Sometimes giving in is the best result, but in this case you were the wiser on. I also love that you have named each part or garden room.


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