The heat has finally broken (low 90’s) and the  humidity has dropped. Early this morning I chose a project from my ever-growing list of things to do in the garden and out I went!

The project is the ‘Circle of Friends’  What is needed here are a few finishing touches.                                                                                                                                            

Today I pulled  string  and arranged the brick to line the path that leads to and from the Circle of friends. Next will be the landscape fabric, crushed stone & pea gravel, and finally painting the furniture.                                                                  

This area is so peaceful, it is one of my favorite spaces in the garden. Arranged  in the shape of an oval…                                                                   punctuated by four variegated Boxwoods, it suggests finality and invites repose.

                                                                   It sits under a wonderful canopy that allows dappled light and provides perfect conditions for both camellias & hydrangeas to flourish. In this case the plants both create the space  and embellish it.

While I had hoped for a carpet of moss, That idea has been abandoned as impractical. The seating is not all I wished for but it is comfortable and affordable and when painted BLACK it will recede nicely. Then all that is needed is a groundcover.

 I just might put a check mark next to one project this summer.

© All photos & text 2010


7 thoughts on “IN THE GARDEN…AT LAST

  1. Your description of the Circle of Friends in both word and picture is absolutely wonderful. It seems you have thought of everything to make it a delightful and restful retreat. All the best to you as you put the finishing touches on it and I think your idea to paint the furniture black sounds perfect. Thanks for leaving your comment at FK…so very nice to hear from you.


  2. It’s always so nice when a day comes late August, maybe early September that is what I called “civilized” – that is, one when you can get into the garden and enjoy it. May be pulling weeds, cleaning, etc. but it is a day that all of a sudden makes one eager to tackle a project that’s been so in need of some attention.
    I love your circle of friends concept, Sandra. Especially the name, the canopy, the serenity.

  3. The photos look great and I wonder how long you have worked on that area. I am taking note of your recipie for a garden path because I plan one in my woodland garden.

  4. Dear Sandra, Joy of joys. This looks so appealing and is, I am sure, in reality even better. What a really lovely, inviting area to sit with friends, possibly over a glass of wine.

    And, Sandra, how wonderful to see it marked out with string and canes in the approved manner in order to get it ‘right’. So few people take the time and trouble and then wonder why the whole effect does not quite ‘work’. Also, I love the symmetry of the Buxus in each of the corners. Wonderful. One of my passions/obsessions in life is that gardens should contain a clear narrative, however large or small; yours so obviously does.

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