Every spring I have posted about the Wordsworth meadow, however, what follows the daffodils is just as exciting. It took a lot less work too.

Two native plants allowed to seed themselves over a period of time Trillium cuneatum and Phlox divaricata.


This is the reward for allowing the seeds to form & ripen before the meadow is cut. Need I mention this has taken 17 years?

I have been away from the blog a long time. Life happens, things change, gardens and blogs sometimes must be put aside while other issues of life are addressed.

The garden, while it has suffered some neglect, is very grateful for the attention it is getting now. Major changes about to happen! Stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “THE SECOND ACT

  1. Delighted to have you back and that meadow is a thing of beauty! Spring gets us all out and up and going, doesn’t it….

  2. This is wonderful Sandra! How nice to just let Mother Nature do her thing. I have many Triillum now, thanks to Mama pointing them out to me, which is probably thanks to you! I hope the ones she planted in Hydrangea Heaven (from my woodland area) are still going strong. Now I just need to be able to identify this Phlox before Chuck weed whacks again……glad you are back blogging!

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