Spring is announced in the ‘Wordsworth Meadow’


It does fill my heart with joy!

Every year the display increases. Presently scouting old abandoned homeplaces to rescue more Narcissus to add to the meadow.

If you have been reading this blog then you know these are ‘old timey’ bulbs that have survived for years unattended. The modern cultivars  I originally planted  disappeared after a season or two.


The sweep of Narcissus on the left in the above photo is a younger planting than the one on the right, equal number of bulbs. Time is a huge element in garden design.



Prunus ‘Okame’ and Spiraea, wish you could hear the bees  a -buzz at the ‘all you can eat buffet’


     Helleborus orientalis Narcissus and the ghost of last summer’s Hydrangeas.    


Of all the garden areas, it is the ‘Wordsworth Meadow’ that holds my heart.    It is still unfinished….


4 thoughts on “SPRING!

  1. Oh..my goodness, such beauty..I can just see it in my minds eye…as usual, my sister, it is natural perfection..xoxo barb

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  2. I wish I could do that! All the 30 bulbs I planted 15 years ago have ceased to bloom or even sprout:(. I had visions of naturalizing but they thought that meant go dormant I guess. Or maybe the California gophers ate them?

  3. My dear, you are way ahead of us. My daffs are not yet opened. I am sick, sick, sick about my gardenias. They are brown!!! I hope they are still alive. Should we prune them??? Lots of damage up here due to the gd vortex thingie. My 200 tulip bulbs better come out…..

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