Judging by my last post I am way behind. It is almost Christmas! To celebrate I just bought a camellia  sasanqua ‘Yuletide’. I can’t believe I waited so long before adding  this one to the garden. Actually it will be planted at the house  so I can see it from the living room window.

                                                                       Yuletide camellia

The glossy dark green foliage and  bright red single flowers with their golden centers will look fabulous against the white house and are perfect for the season. I plan to cut some and combine them with some holly & berries for the mantle and add Paperwhites for both colour and fragrance.

I’ll post photos of my decorations when they are finally done.  Meanwhile I hope you are all doing well and ready for the Holidays.

What are your favorite flowers for the Holidays?


8 thoughts on “WAY BEHIND!

  1. Love those snowflakes! I think my favorite flowers (note that s) would be camellias, amaryllis, paper whites – anything fresh @ this time of the year is such a joy such as a fresh tree, fresh wreaths. I had a tea some dozen years ago in December for a dear fellow member of the Altar Guild at my church who was celebrating her 90th birthday. I used those flowers all over this house and it really gave a beautiful festive display.
    Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas and can’t wait to see your pictures of your lovely Southern home decked out for the holidays. Love – Carolyn KD

  2. Like the slap Cher gave Nicholas Cage in Moonstruck your post hits my senses with such stricking beauty, “snap out of it”. I’m so caugth up in what’s not done, what’s missing. I’m missing. It is Christmas Sandra, let’s notice and be present to all the beauty that “is” and the one that’s within our power to create. Thank you! Enjoy the beautiful view and have a blessed season!

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