After  five  weeks the garden welcomes me home..



I’m just in time for the blueberry harvest.

walk from compost

Away from the garden for this length of time lets me see it objectively with a more discerning  eye…. Above, the walk from the compost

Major pruning is required of the figs, but I hate to give up the harvest although one tree is shading out the Styrax obassia  (photos  to follow)


Meanwhile, the hydrangeas are coming into their own. Above, the entrance   of the drive from the house, to the garden,


My garden is healing…  peaceful….  as I  start  to realize … I am loosing  my mother….

My posting  will be erratic over the next few months so please bear with me.




11 thoughts on “THE WELCOME HOME

  1. AMAZING, I thought of you as I pulled into the garage this afternoon. Praying for you, your mom, family.

    So glad you have the garden as companion, friend, a place to handle every bit of grief. Oh those waves of grief. And what a garden can do with them.

    XO T

  2. Your friend, Nell Jean, said it so appropriately.
    As you and I have talked and shared what our gardens have meant to us in the hardest of times in our life, I know yours again will offer you solace and love. Let me hear how your Mother is doing and again, Sandra, you have my love and concern with you during these days…Fondly – Carolyn KD

  3. Glad you are back home. We missed you at Margaret’s. So sorry about your mom! The garden and time will help heal.
    Take care, hugs, Globug

  4. Sandra, Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us. So sorry about your Mom. I’m sure your garden will give you comfort.

  5. Oh dear Sandra, so so sorry about your Mother. I know all of us will face that one day but no one is ready for that. ..not your mother. Hang in there, dear friend. Call if you want to talk. On a happy note, your baby hydrangea is budding. Soon there will be flowers! Can;t wait. Christy and I check up on it everyday. Next I must steal a cutting of your oak leaf hydrangeas!!!

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