Why did they…                                                                           P1210482

build a tasteful brick entrance and hide it with shrubs clipped into meatballs ? I have seen this done to beautiful homes as well.


7 thoughts on “WHY DO THEY DO THIS?

  1. Well, at least this is not as bad as the Phaleanopsis orchids that are dyed electric blue being sold at the grocery and big box stores. 😉

  2. Sometimes I think the invention of those power string trimmers was the beginning of the downfall of good landscape architecture. One see’s green meatballs everywhere now!

  3. We KNOW why they do this.



    Homeowners happy with subsistence thinking/living when it comes to their garden.

    Want to see the house past the gates? Hell no.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  4. I agree, Unfortunately they are of the opinion that anyone with a truck and mower is a designer. I know contractors plant shrubs that will outgrow their space, so they can get the contract to prune them annually.

  5. Contractors working in my neighborhood have been planting more shrubs per square foot than necessary for over 60 years. It gives the homeowners an instant garden – which is what they actually contracted for. That it automatically guarantees these contractors perpetual trimming jobs is one of their best kept secrets. Frankly, these homeowners love the manicured look and are happy to pay for it on an ongoing basis. In my growing zone, contractors trim these shrubs at least three times a season.

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